Naturschule und Naturerlebnisraum

Tree time is dream time


Trees are wondrous natural beings. They create the air we breathe and give us the wood for a warming fire. They grow and strive towards the sky and at the same time they are grounded and deeply connected with their roots to their surroundings. Some of these trees appear to be ancient and mystical, almost wise.

Our camp for the day will be in a place in the woods that lifts our soul, secured in mother natures lap. We will tune in, into the scenery and the atmosphere of the woods. We will leave the everyday life behind us. From this place you will go off multiple times for a solo experience into the close surrounding. A tree will be your best friend for the day.

If you embark into this journey and if you let go, you will experience different facets of perception, from outside and from inside. Trees can have curative powers and enable deep relaxation. Allow yourself to venture into this personal encounter. Experience your own transition. Tree time is dream time.

Next class in 2022

80,00 €

max. 15




1 Guide/Instructor, class, group equipment

Birgit Rottenberger



Meeting point and gear

You will receive information about the exact meeting point and gear list with your registration confirmation

*Please note

As long as there is no safety risk for participants, the event will be conducted in any weather conditions in the outdoors.

The guide/instructor does not have a therapeutical background. The event is designed for recuperation.