Naturschule und Naturerlebnisraum

From roots and fairy tales - the wheel of the year


Our ancestors were living in with and from nature. Accordingly their life was strongly determined by nature's cycles. Sun and moon are the time base. Seasons determine the agricultural lifestyle. Climate, weather and gods are the rulers of the better or the worse. Thousands of years elapsed since then and our life has changed radically. Nevertheless we still find the footprints of our European ancestors in modern times:   

  • Samhain - beginning of winter - Halloween
  • Yule - winter soltstice - the twelve nights after X-mas
  • Imbolc - beginning of spring - candlemas
  • Ostara - spring equinox - easter
  • Beltane - beginning of summer - celebration of fertility
  • Lichta - summer solstice - St. John's Day
  • Lughnasad - beginning of fall - celebration of harvesters
  • Mabon - autumnal equinox - Thanksgiving Day

We also find lots of traditions and rituals and nature connection in the fairy tales that are still told today.

We will deep dive in some of the events of the wheel of the year. We will learn interesting background information, conduct a few nature rituals and listen to some fairy tales at the camp fire*. 

2 persons will share a tarp. If you wish you can even do cowboy camping, directly below heaven's tent. May be we are lucky and have a clear sky for stargazing.

Next class in 2022

80,00 €,  including overnight stay

max. 6




1 Guide/Instructor, class, group equipment

Birgit Rottenberger



Meeting point and gear

You will receive information about the exact meeting point and gear list with your registration confirmation

*Please note

As long as there is no safety risk for participants, the event will be conducted in any weather conditions in the outdoors.

Our camp is located in a place in the woods where both, an overnight stay and a campfire is legal. However, at a certain rate of risk for a forest fire a bonfire is not permitted.