Naturschule und Naturerlebnisraum

Outdoor skills and gear


Have you ever thought about doing a multi-day hike? Did you also spend some thoughts on how to prepare properly and avoid unmindful difficulties or even dangerous situations?

If you would like to learn about 

  • useful gear, considering destination, time of the year, weather conditions, terrain and bugs/rodents you might come across
  • organizing your pack and adjusting it to your body for a pleasant hiking experience
  • preparations and required research before leaving home

This is exactly the course you are looking for.

In addition participants will gain some basic knowledge about most important outdoor skills. For example we will learn how to get water from natural resources and how to treat it properly before drinking. You will learn how to prepare a camp fire (without setting it on fire) using components that are easy to collect. You will also exercise how to stay warm in case of an unplanned overnight stay in the woods. Another important aspect is to carry a minimum number of items for survival.


Next class in 2022


80,00 €


max. 15




1 guide/instructor, class


Birgit Rottenberger



Meeting point and gear

You will receive information about the exact meeting point and gear list with your registration confirmation

*Please note

As long as there is no safety risk for participants, the event will be conducted in any weather conditions in the outdoors.

Our camp is located in a place where both, an overnight stay and a campfire is legal.