Naturschule und Naturerlebnisraum

Sleeping below heaven's tent


Since ever you wanted to sleep outside, below heaven's tent? You never had the courage to do so? You are not alone!

Sleeping outside, unprotected in the darkness, perhaps staying overnight in the woods - for most people this imagination creates a lot of discomfort or even anxiety. Everybody has these feelings, regardless of age and gender. It does not matter if dangers are rational or irrational - our mental cinema runs at full speed.

However, isn't exactly this the ultimate freedom of hiking or trekking? Walk as far as you want and stay overnight at a nice place in nature. No more need to follow daily targets in order to reach pre-booked hotel rooms in time. No more need to stress yourself by organizing accommodation along the way. On the other hand sleeping outside is not permitted everywhere and precautions need to be taken for your own safety.

After a short walk from the parking lot we will reach our camp site in the woods. We will set up our tarps and collect some firewood. Then we will gently prepare our overnight adventure. At the camp fire we will talk about expectations, fears and mental barriers. We will talk about the sounds of nature. After dinner and sunset you will experience the night in the woods, protected by the group and taken care of by the guide around you. 2 persons will share a tarp. If you wish you can even do cowboy camping below heaven's tent. May be we are lucky and have a clear sky for stargazing.

I am looking forward to seeing your shining eyes the next morning. I am looking forward to listening to your personal story of this adventure. You will be incredibly proud of yourself, now that you have accomplished your first successful overnighter. Outside - in the woods.


Next class in 2022



80,00 €, Overnight camp and tarp included


max. 6

Venue Pfälzerwald




1 Guide/Instructor, class, group equipment (tarps)


Birgit Rottenberger


  • Courage to leave your comfort zone and challenge your limits 
  • Condition and mobility to walk around 30-40 minutes from the parking lot to the camp. The terrain to the camp is unpaved and slightly uphill. We will walk slow, speed is not our goal.

Meeting point and gear

You will receive information about the exact meeting point and gear list with your registration confirmation

*Please note

As long as there is no safety risk for participants, the event will be conducted in any weather conditions in the outdoors.

Our camp is located in a place in the woods where both, an overnight stay and a campfire is legal. However, at a certain rate of risk for a forest fire a bonfire is not permitted.