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Map and compass for women


Orientation and navigation are essential while hiking or trekking. People are either using marked trails, a cell phone or any other kind of GPS device in order to locate their position and find their way to go. Is the usage of a map and compass water under the bridge? 

This is not the case at all!

  • Working and planning intensively with a map gives us a fantastic overview of the terrain, the route ahead of us, prominent features in the surroundings, inclines and declines and a good idea what to expect.
  • We are independent from GPS signals and empty batteries
  • In the worst case we might be able to determine our position and navigate cross-country to a safe place, that we might no even see along the way

We will have fun learning step by step how to use a map, a romer and a compass. We will be working in a small group and exercise a lot. We will train our ability to read the terrain and improve our perception. We will be talking about coordinates, what they are and what to do with them. We will get to know a regular compass and its components, a mirror compass and a feature-packed compass. We will locate our position and take a bearing to our destination. We will simulate worst case (we got lost) and how to  navigate cross-country from A to B.


29.06.2019 - 30.06.2019, jeweils 9:00h - 16:00h 

05.10.2019 - 06.10.2019, jeweils 9:00h - 16:00h 

These are 2 days, an overnight stay is not included in the price and has to be self-organized, if required.


150,00 €


max. 10


Pfälzerwald, Dahner Felsenland


1 Guide/Instructor, class, group equipment (Map, romer, compass)


Birgit Rottenberger


This seminar is for ladies only. We will use a step-by-step approach and will be taking our time for each topic. I will make sure everybody is on the same page while learning. Men are welcome to join the compact seminar "map and compass for everybody".

Meeting point and gear

You will receive information about the exact meeting point and gear list with your registration confirmation

*Please note

As long as there is no safety risk for participants, the event will be conducted in any weather conditions in the outdoors.